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TEDxMidwest was personally transformative. It was the only event that made me go home and look in the mirror and ask, What have I done truly great lately and what can I do to give back?. That is why RedBox is sponsoring the event this year.Mark Achler
SVP RedBox
Serial Entrepreneur

We have hosted three amazing events for about 2,000 people, that many of our attendees have called “the best event I have attended in Chicago” , “awesome”, or “life changing”.  You can help:

    • Create a legacy of bringing great events and speakers to Chicago – Bring two world class events to Chicago – the TEDxMidwest adult event and TEDxYouth  event
    • Get tickets to the main annual event, TEDxMidwest salons over the year, community events and private VIP parties
    • Meet amazing people, incluidng our speakers and hundreds of passionate, accomplished attendees
    • Put your firm front and center—great coverage and promotion with one of the best Chicago audiences ever

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TEDxMidwest is known for its world class speakers, including inventor Dean Kamen, psychologist Phil Zimbardo, hacker Pablos Holman and National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen.
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There will be over 600 amazing attendees including 400 CEOs and Presidents, 150 artists and performance professionals, heads of major cultural institutions, 50 top high school students, and dozens of MacArthur, Pulitzer, Polk, Peabody, and Nobel prize winners.
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Interested in helping make TEDxMidwest great or helping with TEDxYouth@Midwest?
Visit our Volunteers page to view volunteer opportunities and let us know how you would like to help.