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The Last TEDxMidwest event at the Harris Theater in Chicago’s spectacular Millennium Park brought together 35  world class speakers and an amazing audience for a series of riveting talks and inspiring conversations.  Our TEDxYouth event brought together 500 gifted inner city Chicago Public School students and many of the city’s top teachers  for an extraordinary experience. The event featured 20 speakers whose backgrounds ranged from the arts and sciences to business and philanthropy.

We continue to hold regular monthly salons with TED, MacArthur, Pulitzer and National Geographic speakers.  They include fascinating people like renowned psychologist Phil Zimbardo, photographer Frans Lanting, dinosaur hunter Paul Sereno and Everest climber Tommy Heinrich.

About TED / TEDxMidwest

TED—famously described as the “ultimate brain spa” and a “journey into the future, in the company of those creating it”—has extended its reach through hundreds of free videos that have been viewed over a billion times worldwide.

What began as a one-off event nearly 30 years ago has transformed into an annual celebration of “ideas worth spreading” that brings together a stunning collection of speakers working at the cutting edge of science, economics, social innovation, tech and the arts. Many are Nobel, MacArthur and Pulitzer-prize winners.

TEDxMidwest, an independently organized annual event in Chicago, follows in the TED tradition, presenting a series of remarkable speakers whose talks challenge, move and inspire.

The audience plays an active role in the TEDxMidwest experience. Mirroring the speakers, attendees also come from a range of disciplines, sharing a common bond of curiosity and strong desire to make a difference. There is alchemy in the mix. The meetings and discussions that happen during breaks and meals are part of what set the event apart. Ideas worth spreading, indeed!

In the spirit of TED, all speaker sessions for TEDxMidwest and TEDxYouth will be live-streamed free on the internet. Videos are posted later both on TEDxMidwest.com and on the TEDx YouTube channel.

TEDxMidwest videos have been downloaded over 7 million times.



TEDxMidwest is known for its world class speakers, including inventor Dean Kamen, psychologist Phil Zimbardo, hacker Pablos Holman and National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen.
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There will be over 600 amazing attendees including 400 CEOs and Presidents, 150 artists and performance professionals, heads of major cultural institutions, 50 top high school students, and dozens of MacArthur, Pulitzer, Polk, Peabody, and Nobel prize winners.
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Interested in helping make TEDxMidwest great or helping with TEDxYouth@Midwest?
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